About SHAI

assists millions of people in keeping up with the wheel of the future in the field of artificial intelligence

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A leading Arabic technology company that specializes in the promotion of artificial intelligence (AI) and its technologies in all sectors. It aims to create future generations with the scientific and practical skills necessary to empower Arab youth with AI applications, modern technologies, and data science.

SHAI achievements
SHAI received many shields and certificates of appreciation from private bodies and governmental institutions in appreciation of the company’s efforts in promoting the culture of artificial intelligence and raising awareness of future technology
Free educational channels
SHAI has provided a gateway for hundreds of Arab youth to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of AI science through a completely free educational club (SHAI club) that has reached every corner of the Arab world.
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SHAI's  Ambassadors
SHAI has adopted a team of promising young individuals as ambassadors to promote AI technologies and sciences across the Arab world.
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SHAI's volunteers
SHAI has established a dedicated community of volunteers through it’s free channels to make a meaningful impact and contribute to its mission.