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A leading Arabia technology company dedicated to spreading Artificial intelligence knowledge and techniques, data science, and modern technologies across all sectors. Our goal is to equip future generations with the necessary tools and skills (scientific and practical) to empower the Saudi market to utilize AI applications effectively.

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Our Vision  

We aim to lead the Artificial intelligence revolution by spreading its knowledge and techniques in the Arab world, enhancing expertise in modern technologies, and empowering organizations with AI science.

 Our Mission

We aspire to provide the Arab world with a talented, and qualified specialists capable of applying artificial intelligence techniques and technology in various fields in the era of digital transformation.

SHAI Solutions


We infuse artifactual intelligence and data science technologies into your business to meet future needs.

Training Tracks

full specialized technical programs in AI, Data science, and emerging technologies by building a solid knowledge base experience.

SHAI E-Learning platform

We provide a unique learning curve by creating a full specialized technical tracks and courses in AI, Data science, and emerging technologies.

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SHAI, when learning is enjoyable

Join the SHAI learning community to keep up with future technologies through programs tailored to your needs and
to equip you with the skills you need to explore what's new in
the world of AI.

Qualification for employment
Educational options that are diverse and adaptable
content of high quality
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SHAI E-Learning platform

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Start your journey from scratch

Learn the basic to advanced skills required for the artificial intelligence and modern technologies labor market at the hands of specialized experts
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A unique experience

Start learning with us after a free consultation that we have specially prepared to suit your level of knowledge and different preferences. In addition, you can continue on an endless journey to gain additional experience in advanced projects under the supervision of our trainers

SHAI E-Learning platform

SHAI platform
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Outstanding service

We believe that your feedback is important, so you can get your money back within a week of beginning the training. You can also incorporate any suggestions or preferences into your training program
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Training and employment

Throughout your journey with us, we will provide you with numerous opportunities for training and employment with one of our partners

SHAI digital platform

The first Arab platform of its kind specialized in the field of data science and artificial intelligence

SHAI platform

SHAI Events

Introduction to artificial intelligence at King Saud University
Artificial intelligence from idea to implementation
Cooperative training for female students from Princess Noura University
A training workshop on artificial intelligence and modern technologies